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Parent Student Handbook




26091 Meridian Street, Hemet, CA 92544                   

 (951) 765-1660 Fax (951) 765-1696

Attendance Hotline (951) 765-6014



Student Handbook and Calendar

 Little Lake Elementary School  





Dear Students and Parents: 


Welcome to a new year at Little Lake Elementary School!  We know our year will be filled with interesting learning experiences and fun curricular activities.  Our staff strives to make our school a safe, engaging, and happy place for children.  We are rolling out a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) plan this year and we are excited to see how it will change the culture at our school.  Please take a few minutes to read and discuss with your child the information in this handbook/calendar.  It was prepared to acquaint you with our basic rules and policies.  Knowing and following the school rules will help us provide a safe, pleasant, rewarding place for your child to learn.  We hope you will post this calendar in a convenient spot and use it to write in your own family’s important dates.  For up to the minute information please visit our website at


Since our school is based on positive student attendance we need students to be in school each day, unless they are ill.  Unexcused absences count negatively against school funding.  Consistent student attendance positively impacts the success of your student and helps our school receive the funding that it needs.  If you must go out of town, please have your child start the day at school so he/she can participate for at least a portion of the school day, and then excuse them from school early.  Attendance can be made up through one of our scheduled Saturday School days listed in the calendar section.  If your child is absent you can call the Absence Hotline, 24 Hours a day to leave a message at, (951) 765-6014.


Amanda Niaves                           Candace Boulais

Principal                                        Assistant Principal                                    


School Address:                               School Administration:                                    Office and Support Staff

Little Lake Elementary School     Principal:                 Amanda Niaves                     Office Manager: Barbara Caudle

26091 Meridian Street                      Assistant Principal: Candace Boulais                  Secretary II: Christine Arrocena

Hemet, CA 92544                                                                                                                           Health Techs: Linda Benson and Sheri Kane

(951) 765-1660                                                                                                                                  Day Custodian: Cris Hernandez

Fax (951) 765-1696                                                                                                                        Night Custodian: Tina Mathis

                                                                                                                                                                 Library Tech: Lori West

                                                                                                                                                                Cafeteria Manager: Julie Tucker

                                                                                                                                                                Psychologist: Alex Brazelton

                                                                                                                                                                Counselor: Ricky Patterson

                                                                                                                                                                Speech Therapists: Beth Caslav and Sydney Layvas

                                                                                                                                                                Bilingual Parent Liaison: Sonia Martinez        

                                                                                                                                                                SAFE Coordinator: Natalie Bogle

                                                                                                                                                                Reading Intervention Teacher: Denise Newberry


School Days:


The campus is open for students at 7:00 am for students to come in and eat breakfast. Supervision is provided by the lunch tables until 7:25 am when teachers open the playground prior to the official start of the academic day.  No school supervision is available before this time.  For your child’s safety, please do not drop off your child any earlier.

School hours this year will be:            

                                         7:45 to 2:12               Grades 1-5, Mon-Thu

                                                            7:45 to 1:12                Grades 1-5, Fri (Early Release)

                                                            7:45 to 12:47             Transitional Kinder/Kindergarten, Monday – Thursday

                                                            7:45 to 11:57              Transitional Kinder/Kindergarten, Friday (Early Release)

Students are requested to leave campus immediately after dismissal.   After school supervision is not available except for the students who are registered with the on-campus S.A.F.E. Program.  No school supervision is available before 7:00 a.m. or after 2:30 p.m. Monday –Thursday and 1:30 p.m. on Fridays.



Awards assemblies are a regularly scheduled part of the curriculum and are designed to be educational.  Students have an opportunity to receive awards in both academic and non-academic areas.  These awards honor students for outstanding achievement, attendance, citizenship and sportsmanship.  Assemblies provide one of the few opportunities in school to learn formal audience behavior and enjoy the various performances.


Assembly Guidelines:  Talking, whispering, whistling, stamping feet, and booing are discourteous and will not be tolerated. 

  1.        When the person in charge of the assembly asks for your attention, give it immediately.
  2.       Be courteous to the performers and to your neighbors.
  3.       Applause should be generous and in keeping with the occasion.


Attendance and Tardies

Supervision begins on the school grounds at 7:00 a.m. for breakfast in the cafeteria.

Students may NOT leave school grounds during school or lunch hours without being signed out in the office by a parent or guardian. 

Parents/guardians are encouraged to call the school office EACH DAY a student is not present to verify the student’s absences.  It is our goal to account for each student each day.  Our Secretary makes every effort to call home regarding your student’s absence, if a message isn’t retrieved from the attendance line.  Parents/guardians please leave a message on the school phone system, (951) 765-6014, regarding the absence and excuse, e.g. ill, doctor’s appointment, etc.  This is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The school’s funding is based on Positive student attendance.  The state reimburses for students who are at school and does not reimburse for absences of any kind.  TO MAXIMIZE OUR SCHOOL’S FUNDING PLEASE ATTEND SCHOOL EVERY DAY. IF YOU MUST ATTEND AN APPOINTMENT DURING THE DAY, PLEASE BRING YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL FIRST, OR RETURN TO SCHOOL AFTER THE APPOINTMENT IS OVER.

            Excused Absences – State Approved

  1.         Student illness or injury
  2.         Student medical/dental appointments
  3.         Death in the immediate family (1 day in state, 3 days out of state)
  4.         Excused Absences – School Approved
  5.      Justifiable personal reasons including, but no limited to: appearance in court, observance of religious holidays.

All students shall be allowed to make up assignments and tests in a timely manner; full credit shall be given upon completion.  Attendance Credit can be earned by attending Saturday School. Saturday School Dates are available on the student calendar, website, or in the office.


Unexcused Absences -

       Unexcused absences are those which do not come under any of the definitions of excused absences. 


Truancy -

Pupils subject to compulsory full-time education or to compulsory continuation education shall be considered truant for the following reasons:

  •         absent/tardy from school without valid excuse more than three days
  •          more than five excused absences
  •          tardy to school in excess of 30 minutes on each of more than three days in one school year

Truancy shall be reported to the attendance supervisor or the superintendent as defined in the Education Code 48260.  School Attendance Review Board (SARB) letters are sent routinely to parents of students who exceed the absent/tardy rule.


Tardiness to Class

PROMPTNESS TO CLASS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  Tardies interrupt the classroom and interfere with learning.  Continued tardiness on the part of any student will be viewed as a very serious matter and will be reported to the School Attendance Review Board.  Students are expected to be in their places, ready for work, when the bell rings.  A tardy, excused or unexcused, must be explained by a note from parent/guardian or staff member responsible for detaining the child. For the purposes of calculating Perfect Attendance Awards at the end of the year, please note students need to be physically present every day of the school year to receive the Perfect Attendance Awards and that they cannot be tardy more than 3 times. Outstanding Attendance can be earned if absences are made up at Saturday School or through Independent Study, a student has only 1 to 3 excused absences, and 6 or fewer tardies.


Bike, Scooter, Heelies & Skateboard Riders

All students riding a bike, scooter, or skateboard are expected to wear a helmet. Students who come with bikes or scooters without helmets will not be allowed to ride them home unless a parent brings in a helmet prior to dismissal.  All items must be locked to the Bike Rack. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged bikes/scooters. Teachers do not have space for scooters or skateboards in the classroom.  Heelies are not allowed on campus.  Wheeled vehicles MUST be walked while on the campus and when using the cross walks.


Birthdays and other Special Occasions

Balloons, flowers, presents or any other items for special occasions cannot be delivered to the classroom, as they are disruptive to the learning environment and some children have latex and/or floral allergies. If they are delivered to school they are kept in the school office where the student may pick the item or items up to take home upon the conclusion of the school day.  We discourage parents from bringing food items to school to celebrate Birthdays because of our District’s Wellness Policy.  For more information follow the following link:



Books and Supplies

Students are responsible for all Chromebooks, textbooks, workbooks, and supplies distributed to them by the teacher and all library books they choose to check out.  Students must reimburse the school/district for any lost or damaged books and supplies.  Failure to comply could result in loss of school library privileges or the students’ report card being held until the matter is settled.


Breakfast Program

Breakfast will be offered each morning from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.  Students receiving free or reduced lunches will also be offered free or reduced breakfast.  Students not on free or reduced status are charged $ 1.25.  We also offer a second chance breakfast for students who arrive late to school and miss the morning breakfast during the morning recess. 


Cell Phones and Electronic Devices:

Parents: While inside the office or visiting a classroom, please refrain from using your cell phone as it is disruptive.  Thank you.

We strongly discourage elementary students from bringing cell phones to school.  If a family supports sending a child with a cell phone, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Cell phones could be a disruption to the learning environment and must be in the “off” position while on campus.
  2. Cameras are not allowed on campus, this includes using a cell phone’s camera function, unless part of a class assignment or approved school activity with the advanced permission of the principal.
  3. Little Lake and the Hemet Unified School District are not liable for cell phones that are lost, damaged, or stolen.
  4. Cell phones may only be used before and after school in the office or in front of the school. 
  5. Proper documentation must be turned into the principal to authorize a cell phone that must remain “on” if determined to be essential for a student’s health by a licensed physician.  Usage would be limited to health-related purposes only.
  6. Students who do not abide by these rules will have their phone confiscated.  If this occurs, parents will be required to pick the phone up from the office.


Citizenship Guidelines for Students:

The following criteria are given to define citizenship:

  1.        Attends class regularly, except excused absences.
  2.        Arrives to class on time.
  3.        Comes to class with necessary materials.
  4.        Completes homework assignments.
  5.        Meets deadlines.
  6.        Does own work when independent work is required.
  7.        Participates in class activities and discussions.
  8.        Exercises reasonable care of school property.
  9.        Shows respect for others.
  10.        Does not disrupt class and exercises good conduct.





Communication is very important to the success of our program. We’d like to keep you highly informed, involved, and a part of your child’s education. Close communication is made available by notes going home with students, report cards, email, the school and classroom newsletters, marquee, automated phone messages using ParentLink, and the PTA newsletter. Pertinent and timely information is also available on our website. If you need to contact a teacher for any reason, please call the school office and leave a message. You can also email them, but remember to put your child’s name in the subject line because of SPAM filters. You can access all email accounts from the following webpage:


Complaint Procedure:

HUSD complaint procedure includes speaking with the specific employee involved concerning the complaint within one week of knowledge of the event.  If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, a formal complaint form should be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor.


Discipline Policy:

The Hemet Unified School District believes that high standards of discipline allow students to develop appropriate behavior and are a necessary part of the student’s education.  Winchester Elementary operates with basic rules and procedures so a safe school environment may be provided for all students.  The following rules and consequences are provided so all staff, parents, and students are aware of the behavior policies at our school.  Classroom rules are developed by each teacher and support school rules:


General School Rules:

  1.        Be safe (Follow playground rules that protect you and others. We maintain a hands-off policy).
  2.        Be courteous (Use kind words and good manners).
  3.        Be responsible (Follow directions, be on time and come prepared with homework and books).


Consequences of Violations of General Behavior Guidelines:

Students will receive a verbal warning, citation, or community service for most first offenses.  The school wide discipline grid includes a comprehensive list of violations and consequences will be used and followed for all minor and major offenses.


Positive Reinforcement:

  • Classroom rewards and special opportunities
  • Positive postcards mailed home
  • Principal/Assist. Principal recognition in class
  • Positive phone calls home
  • Certificates at school-wide assemblies
  • Lunch with the Principal
  • A visit to the Principal’s treasure box
  • Triple B Notes (PBIS based) – Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.


Dress Code:

The school is committed to maintaining standards of dress, which will be fair to everyone while maintaining an appropriate learning atmosphere that is free of unnecessary distractions and interruptions.


Standard Dress Code:



Examples not allowed:  chains of any kind (such as wallet chains), clothing or jewelry with protrusions that could be considered dangerous, unsafe, or used to cause damage or injury.  Extra long or oversized earrings will be considered inappropriate and may be unsafe.



Heelie Wheelies may NOT be brought to school.  If Heelie’s are worn to school, the wheels will be removed and kept in office.  Heelie shoes are not safe for school.  If a student has them, they may NOT play on equipment or black top games.

Examples of appropriate footwear: shoes designed to stay on permanently and enclose the feet must be worn on the playground to participate in activities.  No flip-flops are allowed, shoes without heel back straps are considered hazardous and students will not be permitted to wear them on campus.



New styles of “trendy” clothing seem to be emphasizing strapless tops, tiny straps which expose the back, the shoulders, and chest area.  Midriff showing tops, short-shorts and other revealing clothing are popular.  Many students and parents seem to be wearing these kinds of clothes to school and they seem to be socially acceptable now; however students are not allowed to wear them to school.  Students may NOT wear strapless tube tops or halter tops, straps less than 1” in width, tank tops with excessively large neck or arm openings, sport-tanks, belly shirts, and extremely short-shorts.  Low riding pants which reveal inappropriate parts of the anatomy or undergarments will result in a call to parents.  ANY CLOTHING WHICH MAY OR DOES CAUSE A DISRUPTION TO THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT WILL RESULT IN A CALL HOME FOR ALTERNATIVE CLOTHING.


All clothing must be free of inappropriate messages.  Examples of inappropriate messages: reference to any race, symbols of racial supremacy, references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or any other controlled substance, reference to weapons or explosives, messages that promote tagging or other defacing/ damaging activities, violent messages, or sexual overtones.




Examples not allowed: excessively oversized shirts and pants, baggy or sagging pants, bandanas, knit caps, beanies, hair nets, items with graffiti, tagging or similar style writing.


Guidelines used to determine oversized, sagging, or baggy clothing: pants which have a waist size so large that the pants will not stay on without a belt, or shirts and sweatshirts which are more than two sizes over a student’s normal size are considered oversized.  Pants which are worn with the crotch at or lower than mid-thigh are considered sagging, and pant legs which can be wrapped from the outside seam around to the inside seam in the area just at the top of the knee are considered baggy.


It is important to understand that some decisions regarding gang-related or inappropriate apparel will be at the discretion of the site administration.  Behavior of the student or group of students may be criteria upon which a decision is based.




Hats may only be worn when you are outside, you may not wear a hat indoors except for special designated days.  Baseball style hats with bills worn forward are allowed at Little Lake Elementary.  No professional sports teams emblems may be on the hats.




Field Trips

Field trips are educational.  Students must be prepared to benefit from the experience and not create a liability for other students, teachers, chaperones, and/or the district.  Therefore, the following rules are in effect:

  •       Parents must fill out and sign a field trip permission form for each trip in order for the student to attend. Students that are at school and going on a field trip, must use district provided transportation to the field trip.
  •          Parents MAY NOT transport their own or other children on a field trip during the school day either going to or coming back from a school trip.
  •           Phone call permissions will not be allowed, a physical permission slip must be signed by a parent.
  •         Permission slips must be turned in prior to the day of the trip, unless the student was absent the day before the trip.
  •         Students who misbehave on the bus, grounds, or in class prior to a field trip are a poor risk and may not be allowed to attend the trip.
  •       Students who do not participate in the field trip will be supervised at school by another teacher or the principal. Their attendance will be credited.
  •         Parents are encouraged to attend field trips as chaperones. Without adequate parental participation, the field trip will be canceled.  Individual teachers will set their own criteria for selecting parent chaperones.
  •          Children, other than those in the participating class, may not attend.



  Homework Policy Homework is defined as an assignment in a subject area that has been taught and learned sufficiently so that the student does the work correctly rather than reinforcing errors or incorrect work. Homework is completed outside of class time.Goals of Homework 1.        Extension or reinforcement of classroom learning. 2.       Aid in the mastery of skills.3.       Teach students to budget time and use time wisely. 4.       Involve parents/guardians in the education of their child, but not require the parent/guardian to provide initial instruction. 5.       Provide opportunities for positive academic parent/child interaction. 6.       Enable a student to make up work missed due to excused absences, not including suspension. Time Spent on Homework: Although the Hemet Unified School District recognizes that quality is more important than quantity, the following guidelines related to time are suggested:         Grades K-3:  10-30 minutes up to 4 days per week         Grades 4-5: 30-60 minutes up to 4 days per weekHomework assignments are to reflect the same high standards of legibility, neatness, content, and completeness as expected in the classroom. ResponsibilitiesStudent:*Listen to directions and insure that assignments are understood before leaving school.*Take home all materials available from school, which are needed to complete assignments.*Take proper care of school books and equipment and return them in good condition.*Complete all assignments according to school standards and turn them in on time.*Make up work missed due to excused absences from school, including suspension.*Communicate any specific problems with teacher or parent. Parent:*Establish a daily homework routine.*Provide a place where your child can work productively.*Assist in the acquisition of basic resources; contact your child’s teacher if help is needed in obtaining materials.*Regularly review homework to see that it is neat and complete.*Maintain regular communication with the teacher.*Encourage and support your child. Teacher:In addition to communication set by the Hemet Unified School District regarding the District homework policy, teachers are to notify students and parents/guardians of their classroom homework policy during the first three weeks of school.  This is to include homework schedules, significant due dates, time allowances and grading review practices.  Parents/guardians are also to be kept informed if their student is not turning in homework assignments.  The local school principal has responsibility for ensuring that the class homework policy is congruent with District philosophy and administrative regulations. Review of Homework:1.   All assignments are to be acknowledged by the teacher in a timely manner.2.  An indication of the quality of the student’s work is to be made.  It can be a grade, a comment, a symbol to indicate the work was acceptable or an indication that credit for completion was granted.
 Inclement WeatherRain/Flood/Excessive WindBus riders:  If buses cannot run in your area, bus riders will be kept in the multi-purpose room until they are picked up by a parent or guardian.Walkers/Bike Riders:  If a student walks or rides a bike home and it is deemed unsafe for them to leave due to heavy rain or wind, the students will be kept in the multi-purpose room and can be picked up by a parent or guardian.  During light rain students will be allowed to walk or ride home.Parents should contact the school (765-1660) or Transportation Department (765-5100 ext. 5880) with questions. Excessive Heat      ·         All classrooms are air-conditioned·         Students may eat indoors·         Students are allowed to sit in shaded areas or remain in the MPR or Library during recess and at lunch.·         During excessive heat, 100 and above at their lunch time, “inside” lunch with possible no outside play.
 Injury/Illness/MedicationIf a student becomes ill or injured he/she should immediately notify the teacher or aide for permission to go to the health office.  Students may not have any medication (prescription or over-the-counter) in their possession, this includes cough drops. If a student requires medication(s) at school, the parent/guardian must:-   submit a signed statement from the physician, who shall indicate the medication, methods, amount and schedules for medication and,-   Sign a form authorizing school personnel to give the medication in the dosage prescribed by the physician.



Ed Code 49423

Medications will not be dispersed unless they are brought to school in the original container.

Please contact the school health technician or district nurse, if you have any questions.







Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack and lunch.  Lunches from home cannot be heated for students.  To help minimize classroom interruptions, office staff will NOT CALL INTO CLASSROOMS TO ANNOUNCE A LUNCH HAS BEEN DELIVERED.  If students do not have a lunch, they must come to the office to check if a lunch has been delivered.  Students may call home for lunch.  Gum chewing and or carrying gum on campus is not allowed.  Additionally, candy should not be brought on the school campus.  Snacks should be made up of items that are nutritionally sound and will not constitute empty calories.  Energy drinks and Sodas are not allowed.  Lunch is $ 2.50 unless the student is on free or reduced lunch.



We encourage pre-payment of lunches on a weekly or monthly basis.  Students can pre-pay for lunches in the cafeteria before school starts by putting the money in an envelope and writing the student’s name and lunch ID number on the envelope.  They can drop the envelope off in the cafeteria before school starts.  Students may NOT pre-pay at lunch time; it slows down the line and creates a hardship for other children. Or you can pay online through the district website using If you pre-pay for 20 lunches, the 21st lunch will be free. Please be aware that you are charged $1.35 per online transaction and the money takes 48 hours to be available for school use. Forms for free or reduced meals can be obtained in the office. Please note that these forms must be redone each year.


Cafeteria/Lunch Behavior

Please observe common rules for cleanliness and tidiness at the lunch tables:

  1.        Sit at the table properly.
  2.        Do not shout or create a disruption.
  3.        Do not take, trade, or share lunches.
  4.        Discard trash in proper containers.
  5.        Eat ONLY in designated areas.
  6.        Commercial delivery of food to the school is prohibited unless authorized by the principal.


Lost and Found

Students who find objects must turn them in to the school office.  Jewelry, money, keys and other small items are kept in the school office.  Unclaimed items shall be removed from the Lost and Found and donated to a worthy cause at the end of each trimester.  PLEASE LABEL ITEMS WITH CHILD’S FULL NAME.



General Rules

  1.       No “special” games rules: only the usual game and safety rules agreed to by aides and teachers may be used.
  2.        Balls and ball games are limited to the playground areas. BALLS MAY NOT be used on sidewalks, between buildings, drop-off loop, on buildings, or near an apparatus.  Balls must be used only for the game for which it is intended.
  3.        No electronic devices, Games, or CD players.
  4.       Game disputes are settled by Rock, Paper, and Scissors with player and first person in line or referred to the yard supervisor; players have no vote.
  5.        Lines are out in all games.
  6.      Do not leave the game line for any reason, except to ask for help from the yard supervisor, or you will lose your place.
  7.       Apparatus is to be used for the purpose for which it is designed and in consideration of the surface beneath it.
  8.        One hundred count wait is the limit on bars, swings, etc.
  9.        Nothing is to be thrown over the backstops. No climbing on the backstop.
  10.        Balls are not to be thrown at anyone unless the person is trying to catch it.
  11.        Balls may be kicked only on the grass field.
  12.        Interference on purpose is not allowed in games.
  13.        No sliding or diving in any games.
  14.     Students must remain on the playground during recess; they may not go to classrooms or hallways. No helping in classrooms unless arranged ahead of time.
  15.      Freeze when the bell rings – wait for the whistle or hand signal. Walk to the line-up area.  Students with equipment will walk it to the container.
  16.       NO TAG, NO CHASE GAMES, NO FIGHTING GAMES. Hands, feet, and objects must be kept to yourself.
  17.      During recess all students are to be on the playground or field. Students are not to stay or loiter between buildings, in the bathroom or on the classroom ramps.
  18.        No swinging or sitting on the handrails at the entrances of classrooms.
  19.        While in detention for discipline, students are to remain seated and quiet.


Equipment Safety Rules



No throwing of wood chips.  The chips are for walking on only.



  1.        Wait outside the circle for your turn.
  2.        Students must stay inside the half-circle when playing.
  3.        The ball must be hit with the hand not thrown.
  4.        No ropes.
  5.        After three wins, student must exit game.
  6.        If the ball does not hit the pole, and player hits ball twice on his/her turn, they are out for “double hits.”
  7.        Only two players allowed in the court at all times. 1st person in line may drop the ball.
  8.       Tether balls are not to be kicked or sat on.



  1.        Travel one direction at a time, do not touch others. Start on the side with cross bars or ladder.
  2.        Do not sit, stand, or hang upside down on the ladder bars.
  3.        One person at a time only.



  1.        Stay clear of the bottom of the slide.
  2.        One person at a time.
  3.        Slide on bottom of torso only, facing forward.
  4.        No walking up the slide or use of the slide apparatus for anything but sliding.



  1.        Swings are not to be twisted or wrapped over bar or used when found this way.
  2.        Swingers are not to touch each other or be swung by anyone else.
  3.        Swingers are to be seated upright in the swings and may not jump out while swinging.
  4.        Seats may not be turned over to face another direction.
  5.       Swing back and forth, not side-to side.
  6.        Students may not play or run in the swing area.
  7.        Swingers must face black top.





  1.        Everyone must play (substitute in as needed).
  2.        No full court press, you may guard your person beginning at half court.
  3.        When a foul is committed, the other team takes the ball out, no foul shooting.
  4.       No jump ball. During the game, if a player stops dribbling you may not crowd around him/her and try to grab the ball.  If you do, the player with the ball gets to “Take it out” free.  If no one crowds around the player with the ball, he has five seconds to get rid of it.
  5.        The team with the ball has 10 seconds to get the ball over the half-court line.
  6.       Only one person may guard one person at a time, no reaching to steal the ball. Players must remain two feet away from the player they are guarding.



  1.      Utility balls and red rubber balls may be used; Tennis balls and regulation handballs may only be used during supervised P.E.
  2.         Balls must be served from within the court.
  3.         A served ball must hit the backstop and bounce and return to the blacktop inside the serving line.
  4.         No corners or side walls on a serve.
  5.      The server will have three tries to make a good serve; the receiver may reject two services. “Didn’t like it” may NOT be used any other time.
  6.         Games are limited to 2-4 players.
  7.         Balls may not be kicked on the handball court.
  8.         Slams (balls hit directly to backboard) must rebound inside the servicing line or they are out.
  9.         After three wins, you must leave the court to give others a chance to play.
  10.        Players or 1st person in line choose balls – all other players lose their place in line, if you leave to get the ball.
  11.        If the ball is hit over the top of the wall, the player is out.
  12.       If the ball is hit over the top of the wall for any reason other than playing the game (anger or for fun, etc.) that person may not play handball the rest of the day.
  13.         All players play against each other. There are not teams or “set ups.”


Jump Rope:

  1.         The person entering the game must take the rope.
  2.         The rope must touch the ground when being turned.
  3.          No running or chasing.
  4.          No swinging over head, or on the ground, no tying rope to equipment or people.
  5.          If you cause the rope to stop, you must take an end of the rope.


Non-Discrimination Notice

“The Hemet Unified School District maintains an operating policy for nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap in its educational programs and activities.  In accordance with federal law, complaints alleging noncompliance with this policy should be directed to the school principal.  Appeals may be made to the district superintendent.”  (Federal Regulation, Title VI, Civil Rights Act and Title IX, 1972 Education Act)


Report to Parents (formerly Report Cards)

Report to Parents is sent home quarterly, or four times per year.  The purpose of the student progress report is:

  1. To provide a formal basis of communication between the teacher and the parent on the student’s achievement.
  2. To provide parents with an update of the current progress of the student’s achievement of academic standards, social skills, and work habits.
  3. To provide the parents with an opportunity to intervene as necessary.


School Site Council

The School Site Council is comprised of five parent volunteers (as deemed per election vote) and five staff members. The parent elections are held in the spring and it is a two year commitment. This team oversees the Single Plan for Student Achievement.  The School Site Council meets bi-monthly or as needed to review site plans and budget issues.


Search and Seizure

The administration retains control over buildings, parking lots, and grounds, and has the right to search them without warrant.  All persons entering a school site or district facility may be subject to a metal detector scan and/or personal search to ensure that weapons, drugs, or other dangerous items are not brought on campus.  Violators are subject to suspension, expulsion or arrest.


Sexual Harassment

Ed Code 48900.2 This code provides for suspension or expulsion of students for committing sexual harassment, which is defined as behavior that is “sufficiently severe or pervasive to have a negative impact upon the individual’s academic performance or create an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment.”


Victims of sexual harassment can report harassment in writing or verbally to any teacher, counselor, or administrator.  A school administrator at each school is designated as the person to respond to all such complaints.  That person’s name location and contact number should be posted and distributed.


Special Programs

Little Lake Elementary School has special classes and programs for students with disabilities who qualify, to help them with academic growth.  Such programs include:  Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI), Adaptive Physical Education, Occupational Therapy, and Speech.

Little Lake also has programs for Band, Vocal Music, and afterschool interventions (SES tutoring – when available), and SAFE.


Spirit Wear

School t-shirts and sweatshirts are sold throughout the year to promote school spirit.  Wear your spirit shirts on Fridays.  There are a number of Spirit Days planned throughout the year sponsored by Student Council.


Splints/Crutches and Casts

If a student is required to wear a splint, cast or use crutches,  or a wheelchair, a doctor’s note must be given to the health technician with the length of time for use specified.  Students using splints, crutches or casts will not be allowed to participate in PE or use playground equipment until they have been released from their doctor.  Students will also be required to continue use of crutches until a doctor’s release is submitted.


Student Council

Each class, grades 3 – 5, chooses a student to represent their class on Little Lake’s Student Council.  Officers will be elected by students in 3rd-5th grades.  The purpose of the group is to act in an advisory and informational capacity and learn community involvement. 



A teacher may suspend a student from class for the remainder of the period or day of the offense and for one additional school day.  The principal/assistant principal may suspend a student from school no more than five consecutive school days for one offense.  All rules and regulations regarding student discipline are available in the principal’s office.


Under the provisions of Education Code Section 48900, a student may be suspended/expelled for the following offenses:

  • Causing, attempting to cause, or threatening to cause physical injury to another person and/or willfully using force or violence upon the person of another except in self-defense.
  • Possessing, selling or otherwise furnishing any firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous object.
  • Possessing, using or otherwise furnishing, or be under the influence of any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant of any kind.
  • LOOK ALIKE SUBSTANCE:  Offering, arranging or negotiating to sell any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant of any kind, and then selling, delivering or otherwise furnishing to any person another liquid substance, or material and representing the liquid substance or material as a controlled substance, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant.
  • Committing robbery or extortion.
  • Causing or attempting to cause damage to school property or private property.
  • Stealing or attempting to steal school property or private property.
  • Possessing or using tobacco.
  • Committing an obscene act, or engaging in habitual profanity or vulgarity.
  • Having unlawful possession of or unlawfully offering, arranging, or negotiating to sell any drug paraphernalia.
  • Disrupting school activities or willfully defying the authority of school personnel.
  • Knowingly receiving stolen school property or private property.
  • Possessing an imitation firearm.
  • Committing or attempting to commit sexual assault, or committing sexual battery.
  • Harassing, threatening, or intimidating a pupil who is a witness in a school disciplinary proceeding.
  • Committing sexual harassment (grades 4-12 only).
  • Causing, attempting to cause, or participating in an act of hate violence (grades 4-12 only).
  • Creating an intimidating or hostile education environment by intentionally engaging in harassing, threats, or intimidation against a pupil or group of pupils (grades 4-12 only)


Tobacco Free School District

The Hemet Unified School District is a tobacco-free district.  The use of any tobacco products is prohibited at all times on district property and in district vehicles.  This also includes electronic smoking devices. This policy is in effect at all times, including during/after school hours.  No smoking will be allowed in the parking lot or on school property.  Information on smoking cessation class is available from the Office of Child Welfare and Attendance at (951)765-5100 ext. 2441.



Parents are invited to volunteer at school.  If a parent(s) wishes to talk about a specific problem, an appointment should be made with the teacher and/or principal.  All visitors/volunteers must check-in through the office and through Lobby Guard.  Valid ID is required.


Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to help in classrooms, the library, or the computer lab.  The Hemet Unified School District requires all adult volunteers for our school to complete a volunteer registration form at the school office.  This information will then be checked by our Human Resources Department against “Megan’s Law” computer database to assure we have no registered sex offenders serving in a volunteer capacity working with our students.  Each ongoing volunteer is mandated to go through a fingerprinting process.


  1. Visitations to classrooms must be arranged 24 hours prior to the visit, weekends, and holidays not included; exceptions must be approved by the principal.
  2. Visitations by HUSD students to schools other than their own during school hours are prohibited, unless part of a recognized program and approved by the principal.
  3. Visitors must register at the office before entering school grounds.
  4. No recording devices are allowed in a classroom or instructional setting as part of a visit without the prior consent from the teacher and principal.
  5. Non-student children may not accompany a parent on an approved visit.
  6. Prospective or new parents to the community may visit classrooms during the scheduled visitation times, or with the principal’s consent.
  7. Visitations to deliver lunch money, homework, P.E. clothes, etc. are not allowed. Office staff will expedite the delivery of such items so that instruction is not interrupted.
  8. The principal may regulate the length of the visit.
  9. Parents may be asked to restrict their presence to a specific area of the classroom or instructional setting.
  10. Private assessors, counselors, private psychologists may not visit to observe a student unless conducting an assessment approved by the HUSD Special Education Department.
  11. In the situation of a shared custody, parents may not visit a student in order to fulfill a court ordered or authorized visitation; those must be conducted outside the instructional day.
  12. Parents may visit a prospective special education placement only with the prior approval of the Director of Special Education or designee.
  13. Parents may only visit the classrooms in which their children are assigned.


Before school begins, parents can walk students to class and then exit the site.  If the parent desires to stay with a student once school starts, then the parent needs to check in at the front office.  When young children are brought on campus, parents must keep them in hand.  Children must be currently enrolled in Little Lake to play on the playground, younger siblings are not allowed.  As a parent of a Little Lake student, please do not approach other students to “talk” with them.  Your cooperation and support are appreciated and keep our school site open before school begins.  It is against the Federal School Lunch Program for parents to be in the multipurpose room when students are eating their meals.  No cafeteria food may be removed from the school at any time.


After school begins, the school gates are locked as soon as possible.  Visitors must enter and exit through the school office and they must have ID. If students are late to school, and the campus is secured, parents may not walk their children to class.


In order to maintain a productive learning environment, classroom interruptions are highly discouraged.  Parents, please make every effort to communicate with your child before school regarding after school pick up arrangements.


We cannot interrupt classrooms to announce the arrival of homework, lunches, or other items such as books, flowers, balloons, etc.   Please let your child know that if he or she forgets a lunch, book, or homework, to check at recess or lunch in the office to see if it has been delivered.  If the teacher allows a child to call home for an item, the teacher will send the child to the office to retrieve that item at recess or lunch.


The office allows students to call home for a lunch; however, we cannot allow students to call home to arrange to visit a friend or request homework to be delivered etc.  Students and parents need to make these arrangements outside of school time.  We also urge parents to limit taking students out of school early; it is extremely disruptive to the class routine.