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Mrs. Ollerton's Lions

Welcome to Second Grade!  I am so excited to meet you on Monday!  We are setting off on an exciting adventure together.  *Please bring a water bottle/canteen everyday, with your name on it, so we can refill it throughout the day.
For my classroom website, which has more information, please go to
You can just click on this link or copy and paste the address into your address bar.
Please click on IMPORTANT INFORMATION to see our schedule, rules, Behavior Plan, and homework policy.  Thank You!  See you soon!


Recent Posts

Little Lake Flyers

     When you are on the Little Lake homepage, please look over on the right hand side.  You will see PEACH JAR.  Please click on that picture and read the monthly flyers.  Good stuff!  Stay informed.


Here is the rubric I will be using for the poster presentation.  The grade will be used as part of the Speaking grade on the report card. The poster is not graded, it is being used so that the students have something to present to the class. The presentation is what is being graded.  However, the poster should include at LEAST 5 DIFFERENT things that your child can discuss.  For example:
1.  A family photo/ list of family      2.  A pet photo/ discuss the pet.  3.  A sport/hobby    4.  What I want to be when I grow up
5.  My favorite (food, song, movie, place)  6.  When I was little I ... 
These are just some examples.  Your child is welcome to use the same information that is in the All About Me Homework Packet, but presented on a poster paper for ease of presenting it to the class.
Common Core Standard is Speaking and Listening 2.4  Tell a story or recount experiences with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details, speaking audibly in coherent sentences.
Please have them practice their presentation at home several times, so that they get the best grade possible.

Family Projects for November

Due Friday, November 18th, All About Me Book
Due after break, November 30th, is All About Me Poster and Presentations
Student Presentations for posters will be scheduled November 30th, Dec. 1st and Dec 2nd. A rubric/scoring guide  for the the book, poster and presentation will be sent home on Monday, November 14th, along with some poster guidelines. 
If you want to see some examples of posters, click on Photo Albums and please read the captions.

Compass on Tablets

Compass doesn't really work on iPads, but there's a work around.


The problem is that Compass is flash-based and flash doesn't work on Apple devices. To circumvent this, you can download a free app from Puffin Academy:


In order to access Odyssey content from your mobile device:

  1. Go to the App Store for your mobile device and find Puffin Academy by CloudMosa.
  2. Download the Puffin Academy App (not the Puffin Web browser, also by CloudMosa).
  3. Open the Puffin Academy App. 
  4. Find the Compass Learning icon and click it. A simple search for "compass learning" will bring you to Odyssey.
  5. Click the Compass Learning logo, then click the logo again, and you will be redirected to the Odyssey login screen. 
  6. Log in as you normally would and begin using Compass Learning Odyssey.


Students use the same username (first name init. + last name init. + student ID #), password (123), and school code (HLLES for Little Lake) as they do at school