HUSD is Grateful for its Employees of Excellence!

Little Lake is grateful for the dedication and support Ms. Ana Castro and Ms. Shirley Thurman show our Little Lake Lions every day. They both work closely together to actively supervise our playground and ensure students play safely. Their vigilance can be seen daily as they closely watch each playground section and intervene immediately at the start of any safety concerns. In addition, they have consistently taught and reinforced specific routines on the playground, such as students freezing when the bell rings to ensure a safe and orderly exit off the playground. This is just one routine out of many that they have worked through cycles of improvement on to get to the best procedure for students.
Furthermore, they have worked together to make recess time more fun and engaging for all students by bringing out other activities, such as arts and crafts, to meet students' varied needs and interests. Their love and dedication for our Little Lake Lions can be seen in everything they do.
Thank you for all you do for our school, Ms. Ana and Ms. Shirley!