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Principal's Message

Dear Little Lake Families:


Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year! My name is Robert Broecker and I am the new principal of Little Lake Elementary School. I am honored and excited to be a part of this great school.

My purpose in writing you is to tell you a little about myself and my priorities for working with the Little Lake community. First, I want to thank former principal Amanda Niaves for all of her dedication in leading Little Lake for the past several years.


I come to Little Lake after having been an elementary school principal in Richland, Washington for the past three years and in San Francisco Unified for the seven years before that. The 2017-18 School Year marks my 21st year in elementary education and my 11th year as an elementary school principal. I have been a classroom teacher, an elementary school computer teacher and, of course, an administrator.


My priorities, goals and approaches


I value strong academics. The years of my tenure at San Francisco saw seven straight years of academic growth in ELA and Math. More importantly, over those seven years, the opportunity gap between Latino, African American, and English Learner students at the school narrowed.  In Washington, I opened a brand new elementary school. I was charged with all aspects of creating a vibrant school: from mission and vision to staffing and the building of an empathetic, high achieving school culture. In our first two years of operation, our students scored among the top in the region.


I work alongside teachers and staff. I believe and support the work of classroom teachers and other staff. My intent is to be a service leader that makes their job easier.


I believe strongly in relationships and in building community. I always try to stress empathy and compassion among all members of the school community. Kids can’t learn anything if they don’t trust the adults and the students around them.


I value diversity and inclusiveness and embrace inclusion of our special needs students. I have learned so much from the assets students and families have brought to our schools.


Most importantly, I value working with families. I want you to remember that this is your school. I see families as key partners in education and it my hope that you will have a large role at Little Lake.

If you see me around the school, please stop and introduce yourself. I have an open door policy and am happy to talk with you. Grab me to say, “Hi” or to ask a brief question. If you want in depth time with me, I will ask you to request a meeting so I can give you my full attention.  Ms. Maria Garcia, our Office Manager, has a copy of my calendar in the office.


At Little Lake, we welcome and need your involvement. We believe that education is a collaboration between the family and the educator. We cherish your support and want to know how we can support you. Little Lake is one family tree with strong roots and many branches.  Thank you for all you have done for your children. I look forward to meeting you.




Robert Broecker

Principal Little Lake Elementary School